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We remember John Eddowes, cofounder and DZO of Skydive Cross Keys from 1994 to 2015. An avid lover of adventure sports and aviation, his passion for skydiving lead to the creation of one of the largest dropzones in the Northeast- Skydive Cross Keys- which became not only a successful skydiving operation, but also a home away from home to many skydivers. His openness to give anyone a chance to be a part of the dropzone, combined with his love of a good prank and great sense of humor cultivated the strong sense of community that Cross Keys is renown for. John was happy to support CK locals in competition, and outside of skydiving, he supported many local teams and events in Williamstown. He was ultimately a family man above everything. Our hearts go out to Agnes, Kate, Beth, Jimmy, and Toby. There would be no Cross Keys without John Eddowes so we thank him for the memories and blue skies.



Donate to the Trust for Education of the Eddowes Children

John's 4 kids Beth, Kate, Jimmy, and Toby meant the world to him. Please consider donating to help support their education and maintenance. All proceeds from the Gofundme will go directly into a trust to pay the education and related expenses for the children.

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